2018 Macroinvertebrate Study

UMOWA began the Missouri River Baseline Monitoring program in 2015, and has continued this effort into 2018. In 2015, we established seven long-term, baseline monitoring stations for sampling benthic macroinvertebrates and water chemistry within the Blue Ribbon section of the Missouri River between Wolf Creek and Cascade and two sites upstream of Canyon Ferry Lake. Aside from one long-term NWE (PPL) monitoring site below Holter Dam, and 5 sites sampled in 2005 by MDEQ, very few macroinvertebrate samples have been collected below the Wolf Creek Bridge (MDEQ 2007). Therefore, the project goals of UMOWA’s program are: 1) to conduct standardized and quantitative macroinvertebrate surveys to serve as the baseline standards for future monitoring efforts within this Missouri River section 2) to establish seasonal macroinvertebrate population estimates and community characteristics to assess aquatic biointegrity and 3) to understand the insect dynamics in relation to increasing aquatic macrophyte beds, algae and recent sedimentflushing lows (2018).